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Void Manufacturing - early launch pre sales

$250.00 / Sold Out

Void Manufacturing - My foray into the unknown, the experimental and the unheard.

This is an early launch , as covid-19 delayed my original plans for launching this brand at Summer NAMM.

This is a new venture for me, launching exactly a decade to the day I started making music gear, any purchase of these products supports this new avenue and will lead to even more out there effects of this nature, and eurorack modules.

Each of these pedals will be in a Black vein enclosure with gradient red / pink / blue print on the dark horizon, and Gradient White/red on the void for the first run.

15 spots for each are available for pre sale.

Both pedals are selectable from the drop down menu, and their descriptions are below.

The Void is a 6 mode digital effect , featuring these modes ,

Wide range flanger
Polyphonic Lo fi filter
Aged delay
polyphonic high Frequency sample hold
Wide range Phaser
octave reverb

each mode has a clock abuse control for further alteration of the parameters and an expression jack tied to the rate control.

The Dark horizon , is a dual digital effect with clock frequency abuse capabliities, and the ability to run each side individually, or stacked for further nightmarish future looking sound scape horrors.

Side 1 features these modes.

Octave delay

Modulated reverb

Filtered sample hold

Radio signal simulator (think radio dial scanning and the ability to dial the fidelity in and out like a derelict space ship calling for help)

State Variable filtered delay

polyphonic pitch shifter

Side 2 features these modes,

shimmer reverb

Wide range tremolo

Modulated Delay

Modulated state variable filter

16 stage Phaser with harmonic resonance

Nightmare {think a delay flanger with modulation and arpeggiation)

These are expected to ship in late august/early september.

All sales are final, and these pedals arent made to work on an unregulated, non isolated power source due to their digital nature.

Please use a high end power supply, on the 9v , 100MA tap.