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VIPER Bitcrushed Nightmare Chorus pre order


The Viper is an insane warped chorus with added bit crusher that sounds like your worst nightmares at your fingertips.

The bit crusher is switchable so you can have just a chorus, just a bit crusher or both at the same time.

Limited first run will have artwork from the best movie of all time.

Controls will be

Melt - Intensity of the effect

Toxicity - Secret control

Warp - How bent the sound is

Booze - The speed of modulation

Spew - The waveshape

Goo - Depth

and the special Lorinz control which is how bit crushed the signal is. (fans of the movie will get this)

All sales final

No refunds as this is a hand made, made to order product.

This product is not made to work with a cheap daisy chain power supply like a one spot, etc.

The use of a quality, isolated and regulated 9V power source is required.