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Unit 731 V1 final run pre order

$250.00 / On Sale

Well, The original version was a very big hit, then I did the V2, and now Im doing a final run of the pedal.

And I found the last of the V1 spec transistors with the correct HFE range to work how I wanted.

Absolute powerhouse of insanity, It sounds as insane as it looks.

Full bore assault on your amplifier, This is my take on the Harmonic Percolator circuit but taken over the top, and utilizing NOS Japanese germanium diodes and transistor that makes this pedal do things nothing else can.

Self oscillation.
Glitched out rising and falling feedback that you can tune with your tone and volume knob.
Sub frequency riffs from hell and back.

Artwork is as pictured.

Get one or get left out.

This run will not ship until nov/dec 2018 -
All sales final.
No refunds.