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undertaker - down tuned death device ltd edition


run 2 is live!

The undertaker is a hybrid analog distortion, polyphonic digital octave pedal with one thing in mind.

Down tuned filthy death metal riffs.

Capable of being tuned to shift your entire guitar down 4 steps, yes, 4 steps (that guitar in C is now in G)

and the 2 control is on an expression jack for real time dynamic alterations in sound.

the analog distortion side is a high gain distortion, with the grip control of the burning spirit V3, and a wide range EQ with the ability to boost/cut your mids to where you want them in the mix in combo with the detune side.

run 1 is limited to 10 spots and will be in a black hammertone case with white print.

They will ship in 6-8 weeks, if you have impatience issues, dont order.
Im not amazon.

All sales are final, no refunds are offered as this is a hand made product made 1 at a time for you.

The use of an isolated and regulated 9v power source is required, a low grade daisy chain power supply will void your warranty.
Dont do it.