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Trollslayer high gain distortion pre order

$250.00 / On Sale

Much like everyone, I hate trolls.

Really hate them.

And trolls need slaying, brutally, without remorse.

So, I decided to make a super high gain IC based distortion that may or may not be voiced like an SLO100.

Adjustable noise gate, Sweepable mid shift, High power internal voltage upconversion.

orders will ship as completed

Estimated build times as of 2/12/18 are 5-7 weeks.

This product is not compatible with a one spot or other such budget brand power supply.

It requires and isolated, regulated 9V power source as it upconverts 9v to 18 internally.

Do not give this pedal more than 9V as it will damage the voltage regulator.

All sales final.
No refunds for impatience.