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The Plague - Pre Sale


Pre sale run sold out!

Much more than a standard rat type pedal and featuring a far superior op amp than the much over rated and boring LM308 , and these refined features.

Top mount jacks,
A 27+ v internal operating range ,
An updated lo cut control that scoops/ pushes the Midrange,
A 6 way rotary clipping switch ,
A clean blend ,
A secondary mode with more low end to fix the issue every rat has,
And enough saturation to spray the walls with the competitions insides like a Wolf with a Shotgun.

There are 13 spots available , at 225$ pre sale, 275$ final retail.

This first run will go towards offsetting the cost of my next 2 weeks east to help my family out after my dads surgery.

They will ship in early to mid march.

Due to the high voltage conversion of this pedal, the use of a budget brand daisy chain/chinese knock off power supply is not reccomended.

This pedal is made to run on an isolated and regulated DC brick, and will work on a 100ma tap.

Failure to use the correct power supply will result in undesired operation and voiding of the warranty.

This is a hand made product made 1 at a time, by me and no refunds are offered.

All sales are final.