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Tannhauser Dual gate pre sale 4


30 spots for run 4

10 black
10 guts and glory red/gold
10 weathered steel grey

The Tannhauser is a modified dual endless blockade gate, able to be run independent of each other for true isolation and noise free operation.

So, you can run 1 in the loop of your amp and 1 in front.

Or, you can run both sides in the loop of 2 amps in your stereo rig.

Or, both sides in front of 2 amps.

The padlock input triggers both gates together, but the in2/out2 has a toggle to turn this on/off on side 2 if you arent using 2 amps.

they have an estimated build time of 6-8 weeks

As this is a hand made product, made 1 at a time , I do not offer refunds or order cancellations on this custom shop item.

The use of a quality Isolated and Regulated power supply is MANDATORY for this effect.

If you have a cheap daisy chain, wall wart, one spot or other such low grade power supply please do not buy this product unless you plan on upgrading to a quality power source.

You will void the warranty, damage the pedal and be subject to repair fees.

All sales are final.