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Stachybotrys BBD Analog Flanger pre order

$300.00 / Coming Soon

Long in the works here, this is my take on an analog flanger.

Named after a deadly mold that occurs in damp, wet situations I figured the name fits it.

Rooted in both the MICMIX Dynaflanger AND the AD/A flanger but tweaked for my own personal tastes in a flanger, I bring you this.

Utilizing an MN3007 NOS Hand picked Bucket Brigade chip, dual CV taps for the Sweep and Dynamics controls and a footswitchable Even/Odd Harmonic operation option to make this one of the most fun pedals Ive done to date.

Achieve chaotic spaceship sounds, soaring leads, Smooth lush chorus like watery warbles and robotic metallic clanging flang.

True Analog 80s at its finest.

Controls are






Flang (not a typo its a long running joke )

As this is a build that requires a bit of attention to detail these will be on a ship when thy are completed basis

All sales final

No refunds for any reason.