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SHAGOHOD - Nuclear Option Pre-sale

$400.00 / On Sale

Special Pre sale of 325$ with 2 color options - final pricing will be 400$ and only be available in black with white print.

The Shagohod is a Dual Modified Dominator modded FZ2/Left Hand Path Modded HM2 with all of the mod options hard set for optimal destruction.

The Dominator side has the wide range EQ as well as the higher gain fuzz section with more clarity, and more power than other options.

The Left hand path side has the EQ ranges that I have become known for mastering, but with input and output ranges tweaked for optimal stacking with the Dominator.

While this pedal can do the things that both pedals are known for, the Dominators FZ2 basis has been tailored to do far more than the standard accepted applications.

I have removed the horrible input and output buffers from both effects for maximum violence, extreme aggressive distortion and overall assault on the senses.

Both effects are set to run optimally at 9v, no overhyped "headroom" marketing trends here, we arent making gear for church music or hipster rock.

This is the Nuclear Option.

These are going to start shipping late feb/early march 2019 and the pre sale pricing is only good for the first 20 units, after that it will be the 400$ pricing and have a wait time of done when its done.

This product is made to run on an isolated and regulated 9V power source, a one spot or other such budget brand power supplies are not supported and the use of one will result in undesired operation.

All sales are final as this pedal is made to order one at a time , by hand, by me.