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Outsider V2 Lead Boost Sub harmonic Energizer


The Outsider is a modern updated take on the legendary and ultra rare Systech Harmonic Energizer.

As seen on both Dweezil Zappa and Matt Pikes pedalboards,
The original was utilized, and mastered by Frank Zappa, this pedal has been tweaked and tuned to the highest detail.

New for 2018 , an added CV expression jack for the Frequency control m.

Works with all expression pedals capable of 50-100k resistance.

iE moog EP-3, source audio etc.

The Gain knob adds up to 35DB of transparent gain that when put in front, or after a distorted signal opens up a whole new range of tones.

The Bandwith knob dictates how wide the Frequency knob can alter your signal for a brighter, thinner, yet thick and cutting tone, or a darker, fatter, yet cutting tone.

All Lone Wolf Audio Pedals have a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship.

All Sales Final. Orders ship in the order they are recieved, 4-6 weeks estimated.