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Official Dismember signature HMkc-1 pre order Limited to 50

$400.00 / Sold Out

Due to non stop requests for more of the Dismember signature model, I went back and decided instead of doing another run of the Like an ever flowing stream version, I would make another unique design for this run.

Done together with Fred Estby, this signature Dismember HMkc-1 (heavy metal killing capacity, see what I did there) features a modified left hand wrath deluxe minus the frequency rotary switch and that value set to the preferred setting i decided sounded best,, with a modified 4 knkb Seck EQ post distortion able to be added via a third footswitch making this a highly tunable and tonally accurate pedal.

It also will have the iconic Massive Killing Capacity artwork,

The controls will be,

Left hand wrath side

Center high
Center mid
Center low
Middle footswitch clipping diode swap

Seck side

Mid shift

In a 1590DD enclosure (same size as the hypnotic eye, Xenomorph etc)

These are strictly limited to 50 units world wide and once they are gone , they're gone.

This is ineligible for discounts as well.

I will be sharing video clips of the initial build on the company Facebook page, but you already know it's going to sound perfect.

These will be a custom shop item made and shipped to order, so do not order unless you can be patient while they are completed this is an extremely labor intensive build and I will not offer refunds for impatience.

International orders will only be shipped with insured shipping due to the limited nature of the product.

As this is a highly tuned product it will not work with a bargain brand power supply (one spot daisy chain etc)
It will only work with an isolated and regulated 9v power supply.

Use of an incorrect power supply will have undesired results and possibly void the warranty

All sales are final

No refunds are offered as this is a made to order product,
made one at a time by hand for you.