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丸田 Octave destruction device - Pre sale


The 丸田 is an all original octave fuzz type device that allows for a multitude of different variations on a theme.

Featuring these capabilities for user interaction, and Audible assault

An output knob
A High/Low emphasis toggle to drive alternate ranges depending on your taste, or Distaste at the time)
A toggle for upper octave On/Off
A toggle for the Oscillation On/Off (the prevalence and abusive nature of this function is variable based on the output control, and is user interactive to input signals)

Top mount jacks and a standard 9V operation

These are estimated to begin shipping near the end of october/early november.

Early pre sale is capped to 15 units and have the option of 2 alternate colorways.

Black Metal Vein with white print, And Frozen White Vein with black print as seen in the images above.

As this is a handmade item, made 1 at a time, for you all sales are final and no refunds are offered.

Please do not order if you cant be patient for us to build them, Thanks.