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Necronomicon Annihiliation Machine V2 pre order

$250.00 / On Sale

screen printed run pre order!

Now in a new smaller enclosure, with a lower price!

I was asked many times to come up with a balls to the wall, sledge hammer to the skull, fuzz of ritual sacrifice. This is not for anyone trying to have a "safe" "Acceptable" " Non offensive" fuzz tone. This is going to hurt you, your friends, your bandmates and your families ears.

Disgust control adjusts the output of this beast.

Choke control alters the entire pedals bias for saturated sustained powerhouse riffs, to death rattle on the brink of ceasing to exist and descending to hell blood splatter.

Assault knob goes from razor sharp slicing your throat tone, to a darker, bleaker tonal soundscape where your worst nightmares reside.

Attack control does exactly what you would expect it to do, and
then some. Adds massive distortion, and skull cracking fuzz.

Insanity knob is a feedback loop tied to the left footswitch for the ultimate in horrific audible demolition.

This pedal is not compatible with a one spot brand power supply or other budget daisy chain power supplies.

The use of an isolated and regulated power supply is needed for optimal operation.

All sales final.
No refunds.