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LWA-209 dual mosfet overdrive Early pre sale run


Open for running orders for 2019 shipment!

Long in the works , this dual drive / boost hybrid is based on my ultra rare 1973 Nolan 120w amplifiers pre amp. (think hiwatt with more low end)

Fully interactive EQ that can be boosted via a second footswitch , for a uniquely screaming yet thick early 70s British sound.

Top mount jacks as well.

Controls are

Drive -
Treble -
Mid -
Bass -
Volume -
Boost -

Into that killer hiwatt sound but want something a bit less jangly ?

Something that isn't a clone of an already existing product?

Tired of the same typical matamp in a box wet sock tone bullshit?

Look no further than this beast.

This run is expected to ship in early to late june - enclosures are delayed a few weeks.

This product is not made to work with a lower end daisy chain power supply like a one spot etc,

The use of a quality regulated DC brick is recommended for not only my products but the efficient operation of all companies pedals.

All sales final

No refunds as this is a hand made product made to order.