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$325.00 / On Sale

Just when you thought it couldnt be done, I topped the LHW.

All new features to further chainsaw your tone to hell and back,

- 10 position midrange Inductor, 6 High mid settings, 4 low mid settings, Perfect for dialing the exact tone for your guitar and amp combo.
- proprietary clean blend circuit with 0 phase issues, Perfect for Bass players.
- Sub mid Frequency control to open op a whole new realm of HM2 tones for the new era.
-Footswitchable mode control for Vintage/Modern operation.

And as always the stock 6 knob layout that we did and perfected before everyone else was even thinking about it.

All left hand wrath deluxes are made to order and they will ship when finished. Sometimes quickly, Sometimes there is a wait. Sometimes 3 months, as these are very indepth builds and I have alot of demand for them.

This pedal, along with my other pedals are not compatible with a one spot or other budget wallwart power supply.

It requires an isolated, regulated 9V power source.

All sales final.
No refunds.