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Large Marge Octave-oscillator-filter Fuzz Pre sale LTD


Early sale for the initial 10 units.

Final retail will be 400$ on these when they go to full retail sale.

"Like a garbage truck falling off the Empire State Building"

The Large Marge is a first, and years in development. (that proto on reverb is nothing like this final product)

An original design Octave fuzz, with footswitchable upper octave, Dual adjustable oscillation ranges on a footswitch, and a dual High Pass/Low pass filter on a footswitch post, for the absolute and total insanity only I can bring to the pedal world.

The fuzz section is transistor based, with massive power and sustain.

The upper octave is very musical while also being extremely apparent when it is on.

The tuneable oscillation ranges are always on, so you can go from zero feedback on one setting, to full scale howling death like a trucker on the highway to hell the next.

The filter is an OTA based analog filter not dis-similar to an MS20 but made to be completely insane for this pedal, some settings are pleasant, others not so much.......but thats why you are buying this pedal.

This pedal is 100% analog and has the capabilities to be run as a stand alone chaotic noise machine as well with a patch cord plugged into the input.

These are limited to 10 units for the early adopters, and will ship in early march 2019.

This product is not made to run on a cheap budget brand power supply, the use of an isolated, regulated 9V power supply is required for optimal violence and insanity, failure to do so will result in undesired operation.

As this is a hand made product , all sales are final and no refunds are offered.