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Large Marge dual oscillator / fuzz

$250.00 / Sold Out

first run is sold out - more soon as enclosures arrive

This is going to be 2 paralell fuzzes with toggles switches to turn them into oscillators with fine tune controls.

Fuzz 1 is a 2 knob fuzz with a high low switch

fuzz 2 is an IC based 4 knob gated fuzz with a 6 position switch to set the range of depth.

Each effect is able to be used individually and sound crushing stacked, and is really awesome for chaotic feedback and floor shaking low end drone.

Artwork is just a placeholder.

final art will be vitnage synth style minimalist.

Enclosure will be a horizontal 1790NS

These are estimated to start shipping in late january 2018.

All sales final

No refunds as this is a hand made product made to order.

This product will not work with a 1 spot adapter and it is personally advised to use a high quality isolated, Regulated DC brick.

Use of a 1 spot will void the warranty.