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Knob Job V3 pre order

$100.00 / Sold Out

Ive been begged to bring this back, and now its here, and stupid affordable.

Straight forward 1 knob clean boost pedal
These are a great addition to any pedal board.

1 knob boost with high headroom running at 18v on a 9V input to fatten up your signal and give some balls to a weak tone.

Expected wait is 4-6 weeks but may be longer depending on enclosure shop time frames.

All sales final.
No refunds as this is a hand made, built to order product.

This product will only work on a isolated and regulated 9V power supply due to the charge pump circuitry.

Failure to adhere to this will damage the product and void the warranty.

The use of a one spot or other such cheap daisy chain supply is prohibited.