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Open Orders for 2019 shipment.

The Hellblaster fuzz reverb is a 2 mode fuzz into a belton based reverb with an added tunable feedback loop (tied to the Fine control).

The fuzz section is like a less gated superfuzz, and has an ultra heavy notch scooped mode on a footswitch.

The tunable feedback loop is a momentary switch.

It also has an EXP jack tied to the Reverb control to sweep in/out how much reverb the pedal has.

PCBs are done and verified, and enclosures are ordered.

If ordered by halloween this pedal, and the free 1 knob bit crusher pedal will ship together by dec 21st.

If ordered after halloween they will not ship until early feb 2019 due to us going on vacation in january.

The use of a daisy chain type power supply like a one spot is not reccomended and will cause noise, and undesired operation.

The use of a quality Isolated and regular power supply, on the 100mA tap is reccomended.

As this is a hand made product made to order, all sales are final and no refunds are offered.