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Heaven's Gate analog octave reverb pre sale limited to 21

$250.00 / Sold Out


Featuring an Analog clean octave and Belton based reverb This limited edition product is sure to achieve sonic destruction and horrific otherworldly tones not available elsewhere.

Final Artwork coming soon - It will be good as always.

This will be in a 1790NS horizontal case (lhw deluxe , doorstop, viper size) with top mount jacks

The Heaven's Gate controls are as follows

-2 , 2 octaves down

-1 , 1 octave down

+1, 1 octave up

Octave - effect blend for how much of the octave is present

Reverb - Mix for reverb

Reflect - Reverb reflections for how long the notes ring out

Launch - Tied to the momentary switch in the middle to go on your journey to elsewhere with the away team.

Due to the analog nature of this product it is Monophonic, not polyphonic and therefore more "old school" sounding.

If you are after a product with surgically pristine tones this isnt it.

This is for space advennturers looking for the sounds of old.
Sounds only found in the analog realm, with a little eye towards the future thrown in.

Limited to 21 pedals with #1 being mine, for obvious reasons.

These are a pre sale item, and expected to ship early to late april pending enclosure arrival. This is an estimate and enclosure shop hangups can occur , please be aware of this.

This product will not work with a one spot daisy chain or other such budget brand power supply, the use of a high quality, isolated and regulated supply is needed.
Failure to do so will cause undesired results.

All sales are final as this is a hand made, limited product..

No refunds are offered.