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Hazyboy pitch reverb pre sale


Open orders for Feb / march 2019 shipping.

The Hazyboy is a reverb/pitch harmonizer that is built upon the same framework as the 83' with a dual parameter exp jack function swap and fine tunable attenuation on the sweep of the exp.

They will be in a black sparkle enclosure.

The Haze mode is a studio style reverb that can go from mild to extremely saturated and thick.

The Taste mode is a Shimmer type reverb thats a bit less Jesus/churchy and alot more evil.

DA Wae is a dual polyphonic pitch shifter/harmonizer that has full octave tracking and when paired with the exp jack tricks allows for some insane guitar solo effects.

I am not shipping these to France, the Netherlands, South America or Greece due to constant postal issues with these countries, if you live there please do not order.

As this is a digital effect a high quality isolated and regulated 9V dc power supply is required.

A one spot or other budget type daisy chain supply will not work and will cause undesired operation.

As this is a handmade product, made one at a time, for you, I do not offer refunds and all sales are final.