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Grab Bag random pedal pre order

$149.99 / Sold Out

SOLD OUT - In stock again for 1 week!
Well in all my time designing, building, tweaking, discontinuing, limited runs and other such madness, I have amassed a TON of PCBs here for some versions of pedals I have never released to the public, or are early versions of others, I have decided I am going to do a very affordable "grab bag" of sorts.

Some may even be on a DIY PCB with a ton of crazy mods done to it as a 1 of a kind build.

This could be anything from a delay pedal to a phaser to a distortion to a flanger to a univibe.

You may even end up with a B stock enclosure pedal!

Roll the dice.
All of these will ship as they are completed, most will be in under 6 weeks. More indepth ones may take longer.

Have some fun and get a cool pedal in the process.

all sales are final.
No refunds.