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Gatecreeper Darkest Cowboy Signature LHP Pre order 3


Run 3 shipping feb 2022.

If you cant handle the wait time, DO NOT ORDER.

this run has a higher price due to the premium finishes which cost more to do.

10 spots Black on black glow in the dark
20 spots glow in the dark with black print
20 spots in chameleon vein with Pit viper fade print

An alliance long in the making.

Me and Eric have worked together for over 7 years , this is the culmination of those years.

Every Gatecreeper album has been recorded with a multitude of LHP/LHW/LHW Deluxes.

A hybrid of his main Left Hand Wrath, but modified for more clarity, sharper mids and lower noise.

There are 60 spots on this pre order, with 25 of them being venom green vein , 25 being sunset purple vein, and 10 of them being burning red gold chameleon vein.

This pedal is not made to run on a cheap power supply, the use of an isolated and regulated power supply on a 9V 100ma isolated tap is mandatory.

That daisy chain one spot isnt good enough.

This pedal has a lifetime warranty to the original customer, it is non transferrable in the event of a second hand sale.

Important - This is a pre order with a build time of 6-8 weeks, I dont want to give an incorrect estimate for build times due to possible delays getting parts/pcbs etc in.

If you cannot handle the wait, please let someone else order who can be patient.

We are also not responsible if you have an unsecured mailbox and your item is marked delivered but you supposedly didnt get it, and the tracking shows otherwise, make sure your mailing location is secured.

All sales are final, and no refunds are offered for this pre sale.