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Doorstop - Red Knob Model T drive pre order

$250.00 / On Sale

A while back I owned a Sunn model T that I never used, I much preferred my Ampeg V4 to it.

I used to use it as a doorstop in the jam room when loading out my V4 stack for shows and then throw it into the corner afterwards.

Some peoples feelings got really hurt when I said that, I dont know why.

Well, I decided to make a pedal version of the mythical beast of a doorstop with my own tweaks done to it.

Basically this is a red knob model T pre in a pedal, with the Mid inductor (the only model t pedal to offer this) and a secondary footswitch to jump the input channel from the stock Normal mode, to the both input.

Do the doom thing.
Do the hardcore thing.
Do the crust thing.
Hell it even does 90s alternative really well.

Do whatever you want to with it.

Clips up on my instagram lonewolffx

will ship in late February

All sales final

No refunds as this is a hand built product made to order

This product is not designed to work with a 1 spot or other daisy chain power supply.
The use of a regulated , isolated quality DC brick is reccomended.