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Caveman - Old school death metal device pre sale


last ltd colorway of the year, 15 spots

From Beyond Purple with Pit viper lens fade print

Lets face it, the last 6-7 years of bad stoner and bar rock riffs have been lame.

Its time those of us in the know, brought "heavy" riffs back the right way.

The Caveman is original in its drive section concept, but has an EQ that is a tweaked take on the FZ2 EQ with less low emphasis, more midrange emphasis , and is pretty much made to do that crushing death metal riff thing we all love.

controls are basic, it doesnt take a caveman to know what does what.

Death metal forever.

This is not made to work with a low tier power supply, or daisy chain type wallwart.

And isolated and regulated power source is recommended for optimal use.

as this is a hand made item, made one at a time , for you, there are no returns and all sales are final.