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Burning Spirit V3 pre sale


20 spots for run 3.

10 LIMITED "GACK" colorway green spots (minor upcharge for the paint job as its custom)
green sold out!

How many tube screamer clones are we going to see?

How much money are you going to waste buying the same tube screamer clone over and over and over and over again?

I say no more, Excise it like a boil.

The V3 of the Burning Spirit is not a tube screamer.

It is a wholly unique overdrive featuring

An internal charge pump that runs 9V in at 18v

A full TMB tone stack EQ to carve out the exact sound your amp needs.

a Grip control to tighten/loosen the overdrive response ( NO MORE SAG)

A 6 way Range control for input saturation variance so your riffs sound FASTER.

A footswitchable Enrage mode which pushes it even HARDER.

And no volume knob, because who uses an overdrives volume knob? You set it max and then dial the rest of the controls. I did away with the useless function because you use an overdrive to play LOUDER.

These will be shipping in late october.

Due to the high voltage topology, this pedal is not made to work with a daisy chain type supply like a one spot, or other unisolated, unregulated power supply.

The use of one can and will void the warranty upon the event you damage the pedal. Youve been warned. Buy a real power supply.

This is a hand made product, made one at a time, by hand, for you.

Due to this I do not offer refunds or returns.

All sales are final.