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Bulletbelt -- Hardcore Distortion pre sale


Available for running sale with a 4-6 week build time.

The Bulletbelt is my latest design in the series of distortions that are aimed towards D-beat and Hardcore stylings, but with the versatility of making your tone your own, without overcoloring it like too many other pedals out there today.

This unit also features a Power amp output for added versatility., and runs a high voltage internal upconversion for massive saturation.

It has a full TMB tonestack, which offers a very wide range of tonal capabilities to nail that Japanese Burning spirits tone, ripping chaotic scandinavian epic riffs, Modern hardcore scooped mid breakdown riffs and everything between.

Controls are


This product is not intended to be used with a one spot type daisy chain power supply, or other such budget brand power sources.

The use of an isolated, and regulated power supply is required for optimal operation.

As this is a hand made, built to order product, No refunds are offered.

All sales are final.