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Acheron-426 Multi mode delay pre sale


Consider this, the Xenomorph 2.0, with a ton of upgrades.
acid green sold out

run 1 limited to 10 with alien blood acid green vein and black print.
and 10 with Black vein with acid green print.

The delay side has been completely redone, and features the fully analog modulation of the viper with variable waveshaping for the modulation.

It also features a momentary footswitchable glitch mode, wich depending where the knobs are set, will send the delay time up to a max of 4.5 seconds, allowing for broken tape echo type repeats, radio wave scanning type sounds and tons more that nothing else on the market can do.

The left side is a digital FV1 based 3 mode time based effect with expression control tapped to the rate control, featuring these 3 modes.
Reverb with pitch control,
echo delay with for dual delay options,
and a polyphonic sample hold to get long lost radio transmissions from the depths of the hell that is space.

Both sides allow for the capability to be fed back into each other via the second momentary switch which is tied to the HOLD control, which lets you attenuate the emphasis of the feedback loop for even more spatial discordance and horrific soundscapes.

This pedal, due to the current corona virus enclosure setbacks will be shipping on a when they are done basis.
Meaning, if you are impatient, I dont want you to order one.
By ordering you are agreeing to the wait time which may be 12 weeks, or 6 weeks.
If this bothers your need for instant gratification, please let someone else order one and go with a lesser option to appease your impatient needs.
I dont care about catering them.

as always, all sales are final, no returns are offered as this is a hand made built to order custom shop product.

Due to the hybrid digital/analog nature of this product, a quality isolated and regulated power supply is needed.
the use of a one spot type supply or daisy chain budget supply will result in undesired operation and void the warranty.