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ユニット731 pre sale


Running orders now open.

Stock colorway is tetanus rust with black print.

More power.

More range.

More insanity.

Now, its here.

The ユニット731 V2 does what the original did, but a bit different, and now features a full tone stack, along with a select NOS Japanese transistor that I sourced for this effect, and IC based drive section and a full scale assault on your senses.

If you were familiar with the V1, then you know I wouldn't drop a V2 without it being that much more intense.

Welcome to hell.

This product is not made to run on a budget brand power supply such as a one spot or other daisy chain type power supplies.
The use of an isolated, and regulated power source is recommended for optimal operation.

As this is a hand made product, made one at a time for you, all sales are final and no refunds are offered.

Be aware of this when ordering.