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6 Hammer EQ pedal pre order


8 ltd blue with orange print with a 1 week build time!

Oh yea buddy.

The legendary EQ of the SECK series of consoles, adapted to pedal form.

Maybe you arent familiar with them, heres some backstory.

This is the missing link of the "Sunlight sound"

By pushing the mid knobs and setting the low and high filters flat, the "chainsaw sound" comes to life like never before.

The controls are

High Freq
Ultra mid
Low freq

This is to be used as any EQ pedal would be, right on your board.

These will also be assembled using high quality audiophile grade MLCC caps and metal film resistors.

All sales final

No refunds as this is a hand made product made to order for you.

This product will not work as intended with a one spot power supply and I personally suggest using a quality regulated, Isolated, filtered, high end DC brick supply at all times.

Use of a one spot power supply will void the warranty.