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Wild Eye analog phaser pre-sale


The Wild Eye is a further tweaked version of the phase found in the Hypnotic Eye.

Featuring 4-12 stages of OTA phase, with all stages in between on tap for unparalleled control.
4,5,6.7,8,9,10,11,12 stages at your fingertips.

The Wild Eye also features a proprietary optical resonance control that is found on no other phaser on the market.

Finallywe have a dual speed foot switch , and an input gain control to emphasize the peak of the phase sweep for crazy over the top tones unavailable anywhere else.

The pedal will be in a vertical 1790ns enclosure with top mount jacks (upside down, Acetylene nirvana , lhw deluxe size)

Artwork is as seen and the first 10 units sold have 100% of sales going towards offsetting Igors eye removal surgery , vet bills and aftercare.

These are estimated to start shipping early march, and the first run will be signed with
Igors paw print inside the lid.

As this is a handmade product all sales are final with no refunds offered.

This product will not work with a one spot power supply or other such lower end daisy chain supply and requires a regulated , isolated supply.