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S-VHS Friday the 13th limited version pre order.



Super VHS Modified and limited to 13 units , the Super VHS delay has the modulation always on, a darker tone,
And the mix control goes more wet.

The modulation section utilizes NOS optocouplers auditioned for the best effect, and the delay section utilizes hand tested delay chips.

The left footswitch now engages an infinite dwell control that is user tweakable via a 7th knob.

This is a one time run so when they are sold out they are sold out,

Control labeling and knob layout will be the same as the standard VHS.

This is a limited hand made product and as such all sales are final, and no refunds are offered.

This product also only operates on isolated , regulated 9v power.
Do not use a one spot it won't work and will void the warranty.

They will ship and arrive by Christmas in the USA , and ship by Christmas but not guaranteed to arrive by then for international orders.