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R-TYPE - Matamp Legend drive Pre order

$275.00 / On Sale

I discontinued the original incarnation of the LWA120 a month or so ago while I fine tuned this.

The pre order pricing is only valid for the first 10 units then it is going to 300$ so dont sleep on it.

Its the same LWA120 pcb but with some value swaps to make it tighter, meaner and overall more suited for a wide varitey of music.
Not just stoner doom or riff worship.

While some guys are going on about headroom and all that, I went the reverse and gave this less headroom so it slams the front end of your amp into a pure overdriven powerhouse of tone.

It is also now in a vertical 6500 size enclosure, (same size as the upside down, plague doctor etc) to take up less space on your pedal board.

The R-type (R stands for RIFF) is rooted in the elusive Matamp Legend 120 preamp basis(this is not an ORmat pre like everyone elses, hence why its more versatile)
It also now features an added secondary boost footswitch as well as a clean blend for no low end loss.

It sounds best into a big clean amp, like a v4, hiwatt, sunn, svt etc.

The name and final artwork are a nod to one of my favorite arcade games, final artwork is going to be over the top like the rest of my new pedals Ive done lately.

These will be shipping in mid August.

All sales final.
No refunds for any reason, especially impatience.