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Overdose Overload Extreme Octave Fuzz

$250.00 / Sold Out

The Overdose/Overload Extreme Octave fuzz is a totally unique very aggressive pedal tuned with a wide variety of tonal options.

While tuned for heavier music, it can also cover classic tones from the 60s/70s and many different genres.

3 way clipping gives you the option of matched LED, wide open, or vintage 60s germanium hybrid clipping.

Mid knob shifts the tone knobs range and is highly interactive.

Bias knob is a full pedal power saturation, At maximum the transistors are running at full potential and thick, sustained fuzz is at your fingertips.
when set minimum it runs the pedal at the lowest possible voltage and opens up a whole new spectrum of fuzz assault with crazy oscillation, feedback, demolished chords and more.

The overdose footswitch engages the upper octave feature and when played in the upper register unleashes synth like almost robotic tones on the neck pickup.

All Lone Wolf Audio pedals come with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship.

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