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Longinus Spear - Highly modified SDT-1 Pre sale.

$350.00 / Sold Out

SOLD OUT. If you missed out of well. Shouldn't have slept.

ive been asked 1000 times the last 4 years to clone my SDT-1.

I Made a decision late last year that if I was going to do this, I wasnt going to do a 1:1 clone because,

1, I dont think the original sounds as good as everyone is hyping it up as sounding.
(a less spongy higher gain OR series IC based distortion is what it sounds like to me)

2, the work involved in doing a 1:1 Clone down to the transformers would have made a production run cost me too much money to be viable.

So, I took my SDT1 and thought about how to do it LWA style, Full bore pissed off and for equal parts crushing hardcore, Metal and "the sound"

What have I done you ask, well I took into account the transformers and modified the pedal to run the 15v off a 9V supply.

I removed the tone stack removal option because why would you remove half of the pedals function?

And I made the boost a bit better and you can add how much/how little of the boost you want to have.

I also have added a 6 way clipping switch, a 6 way Variable depth control, a MID KNOB, a presence control to tighten it up a bit and last but not least, A modified harmonic energizer as a secondary boost in front of the pedal, because god damn if you play guitar you need to PLAY SOLOS.

Now, I will say that while this pedal does "the sound" I did not set out to make it to perfect "the sound" as I personally dont care for that tone and did things to make it more versatile and sound better to my ears.

I made it how I wanted to make it, just like everything else I make.

This run is strictly limited to 25 units with 4 already being sold to close friends who have known about this for a bit.

It will retain the hideous yellow paint and black minimalist print of the original.

These are going to be shipping in late April / early may, and are ineligible for any discounts.

Shipping for this item is not offered to France, The Netherlands, Greece or Australia unless you contact me first to set up registered shipping due to customs issues with the postal services there.

All sales are final, No refunds are offered as this is a hand made custom shop limited run product.

It will not work with a cheap one spot or bargain brand power supply, the use of a high end regulated, isolated power supply is recommended for ideal usage and failure to adhere to minimum power requirements can, and will void your warranty.

If you can afford a high end pedal, you can afford a high end power supply.