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Left Hand Path - 2018 version pre order

$166.60 / On Sale

Since the hm2 shootout video it's been requested of me many times to reissue this elusive pedal.

Now for 2018, Ive improved it with some new tweaks that I think sound great.

New for the 2018 model -

Specialized clipping diodes

More low mid emphasis

Sharper upper mid emphasis

Tighter low end

This version is not the same as the previous one I made and is less of a rhythm model and more of a lead players model that can do the rhythm tone by altering the high mid down a bit.

I'm doing these at a killer price and they are limited to 100 for this run.

This run is expected to be done and shipping by early June 2018.

They will be black paint , orange print and the lhw knobs.

The way I wanted them to look originally.....back in 2013.

This product will not work with a cheap one spot or other such low end power supply.

Use of an isolated , regulated power supply is recommended for not just this pedal, but all of your pedals.

All sales final. No refunds for any reason.