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Grim Ripper dynamic distortion pre order

$250.00 / On Sale

Once upon a time I had a line of pedals I made before starting Lone Wolf Audio.

Ive re-issued upgraded versions of all of those pedals except one.

This is that one.

Based around the concept of a cascaded CMOS overdrive/distortion with a 3 band EQ, and a Bias shift for sym/asym operation, this pedal will thrash, Crunch, Metal, Punk and everything before and after death.

The design is done.
Im putting preview clips up on the facebook and instagram tonight.

The artwork will be unveiled monday.

10 slots for this first run in limited 80s neon green paint with magenta print like an old skate deck on a mushroom trip.

Uncle death approves.

All sales final.
Pre orders will ship late march/early april.

No refunds for impatience as this is a hand made product.