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Airwolf optical tremolo delay


The Airwolf Tremolo delay is an all new approach to time based effects.

Featuring independently switchable tremolo and delay effects, a pedalboard friendly enclosure with top mount jacks , hand tested NOS optodevices, a full analog signal path, and highly interactive controls, the Airwolf will open up tonal possibilities never before available.

By putting a Tremolo before the delay you can get some extremely interesting and unique effects out of this, as you can set the tremolo effect to slow swell into the delay which will cause the delay to repeat the swell infinitely, or you can set the tremolo to create a chopper like Burst effect which will then cause the delay to sound like it's going in slow motion.

Controls are

Rate - speed of the tremolo

Wave shape - alters the shape of the LFO waveform from a sine , to triangle to square

Depth - how much of the Tremolo effect is present

Mix - delay / trem mix ( does not go full wet as this is not an Fv1 based effect )

Time - delay time up to 1 second

Feedback - how many times the note repeats after playing it, ( can go into self oscillation)

This is a black Friday pre sale item and is expected to start shipping in early to mid February.

Artwork will be done by emperorcrawl and be in line with our new effects with full color high impact visuals.

This product is not meant to run on a daisy chain power supply like a one spot.
Use of an unregulated , non isolated power supply will cause undesired results.

All sales final

No refunds as this is a made to order have made product made one at a time.